Online Horse Tools – Calculators

It turns out the Internet is useful for horse people, I was able to find a whole list of simple online resources and tools that may interest the horse lover in you.

Online Horse Calculators

All of them are easy to understand and use and their results are instant.


Horse Age Calculator
Horse Age Calculator
Learn your horse’s age in human years with this handy calculator.


Horse Weight Calculator
Horse Weight Calculator
Simply enter heart girth and body length (in inches) and get the estimated weight of your animal.


Horse Color Calculator
Coat Color Calculator
Input the dam and sire coat information and it will calculate the possible offspring coat colors and their probability.


Horse Gestation Calculator
Horse Gestation Calculator
Add the date of exposure and this calculator will give you an estimated due date for your latest foal.


Horse Feeding Calculator
Feeding Calculator
Enter the lifestyle and weight of your horse and this will tell you how many calories a day your animal needs.

Horse Feed Calculator
Feed Calculator
Another option, this one requires that you enter your weight, length, heart girth length, workload and condition.

Anyone know of another? Leave it in the comments or send it to me and I’ll add it here.

10 Comments on “Online Horse Tools – Calculators

  1. Freya

    The horse ocat calculator does not have brown listed. Does anyone know of another that does?
    (Brown stallion to chestnut mare if that helps!)

    1. Paige

      Hi Freya,

      What do you mean by brown? I’m not sure you will find a color calculator that offers you brown as a choice. Sometimes seal bay animals are called brown, but genetically they are bay.

      If you do find another color calculator (with or without brown) I hope you’ll come back and share it! :)

      Good luck

  2. Alex B.

    A “brown” horse may really be a liver chestnut, a bay, or, if it looks chocolate colored, and has a slightly lighter to cream mane and tail, a silver dapple. Hope this helps you…

  3. Emily

    Hmmm. The color caculator does not have: Silver Dapple Dun, Liver Chesnut, Sable Champagne, Silver Dapple Brown, or Amber cream…. Does anyone know of any other caculators?

  4. vikki

    i have the same trouble finding a calculator that has brown. it is an actual colour, not a bay or chestnut, and can be geneticaly tested for. i have a brown mare to a chestnut stallion, closest i can figure is it will either be brown (both mare’s parents brown) chestnut or black.

  5. Kourtney

    The color calculator also doesn;t have the blanket or leopaard appaloosa option. anyone know of one that does?

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