Online Horse Games

It makes sense that the largest presence online for horses is the games. So here are a whole bunch of them. Each selection will take you to a list of games, enjoy!

Dress Up Games

Dress Up Games

Geared more towards a younger crowd, dress up games allow players to pick their horse’s colors, markings & other accessories. They vary from realistic animals to fairy tale creatures.

Dress Up Games

Flash Games

Flash Games

A miscellaneous category with a number of fun options for horse lovers. This list features everything from Dungfoo Donkey to Horse Nugget Muncher to Super Horse.

Flash Games

Forum Games

Forum Games

Great for horse lovers who don’t want to play high-graphic games. They allow players with older computers & slower browsers to interact and enjoy horse community.

Forum Games

Jumping Games

Jumping Games

Test your equestrian skills with in a variety of backdrops and places. The jumping games is perhaps the largest category of online horse games.

Jumping Games

Racing Games

Racing Games

A popular favorite, racing games provide the fun of the races without leaving home. Not just for track lovers, there are some interesting courses to race on.

Racing Games

Virtual Games

Virtual Games

Probably the most fun of all online horse games, virtual games allow players to raise, manage & compete their own horse. They vary from realistic scenarios to fun fantasy options.

Virtual Games

Other Horse Games

Not all of these are online, but you can get them online. Here are lists of horse games for several popular gaming platforms & stay tuned for some more traditional table games too.

Gameboy Advance

Games for Gameboy Advance

Small enough to fit in most purses & backpacks the Gameboy is fun on the go. The idea of a tiny horse you can take with you wherever is the answer many horse lover’s prayers.

Games for Gameboy Advance

Nintendo DS

Games for Nintendo DS

Another portable option, the Nintendo DS allows you to take a little horse with you wherever you go. This category probably has the largest selection of cute, tiny horse games to play.

Games for Nintendo DS

Nintendo wii

Games for Nintendo wii

Perhaps the most innovative gaming platform yet, the Nintendo wii is fun for all ages. The physical interaction makes for a more exciting game & it’s perfect for riders on rainy afternoons.

Games for Nintendo wii

Playstation 2

Games for Playstation 2

An old favorite, Playstation 2 has always been a popular platform. There is a decent list of horse games to play in a variety of styles and settings – something for everyone.

Games for Playstation 2


Games for Nintindo DS

Almost everyone has a computer these days, and many run windows. There is a great selection of games compatible with windows to suit a variety of ages & skill levels.

Games for Windows

Play the games & have a great time but please remember not to post personal information (like your email, address & phone numbers) anywhere online. Once published they can be seen (and used) by anyone. Protect yourself and be aware when visiting online spaces.

Have A Game to Add?

Know of a game I don’t have listed? Leave the web address in the comments below or send me a note and I’ll add it to the list.

275 Comments on “Online Horse Games

  1. Sara is the first 3D multiplayer horse riding game on the internet! Breed and care of your horses! join your friends and take part in fantastic adventures! view your friend’s paddock! challenge your friends in cross-country and show jumping competitions!

    1. Jess

      For some reason, I can’t get onto this site, it doesn’t load!!! Do you know what I can do? I REALLY want to be able to play this game!!!

      1. Black

        Jess, you do not have eunogh space on your disc, i had the same problem , deleted alot of stuff, then i coudl play, but turned out the game wasnt the best , i didnt like it…

        1. nessie.nay

          how much space do you need? everytime i load it up it says there is not enough space on my graphics disk. i have 275GB free on my computers memory.

          1. Rachael the horse lover

            . . .OK

            the only pthing i really realised was that you are an early bird lol!!!!

            4: something in the morning. . . WOOHOO that is awesomely early and way

            PEACE OUT

            Rachael the horse lover

      2. Rachael

        hiya, I am Rachael and i have tried to play this game, apparently yuou are right, it will not load, from what i have heard is that this game is actually for windows not mac, which i have. I feel so sorry for you and myself because i have gone on youtube and i have seen how it is. And, well if i do say so myself. . . IT LOOKS AWESOME!!:D sooo.
        I recommend you play Horse isle 1 and 2, it ROX!!!
        any way its 2012 woohoo!
        Good Luck

        Peace out
        Rachael the horse lover

    2. friesianlvr

      SRSG focuses on being as realistic as we can, we have clubs, banking, forums, and more. We also have a offer for the first five members that join, the first five members that join get $700,000 start with and start at the mare level, they also become moderators. We are not finished yet but we will be done very soon.

      1. Olivia

        Hi, when will SRSG be on? I really like that Idea! I love horses and love these cames also what does SRSG stad for?
        ~ Olivia

    3. ebony

      umm can you help me how can i cancel a acount on my acount. and if you have a mac how can you get your compter to work and if you have to download something like javie yer and plz repliy.

    4. ebony

      hello any one going to help me i need help NOW I RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY RELY LIKE TO PLAY THIS GAME AND I LIKE TO PLAY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND I MEAN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………. WELL ANY ONE NOW?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ……………………. SAY SOME THING TO ME

      1. isabella jane byrnes

        Dear Ebony,

        hi im isabella i like put my full name for the name required. Its so nice to email someone who is like me with horse games. Its a beautiful name “Ebony”. You say that you need help im here to give it to you i read the email and saw that you love horse games and the one that you are particularly playing at the moment just play it ocasionally that will help you discipline yourself luv isabella jane byrnes

  2. delta rocha

    The Bridle Path
    We focus solely on hunters, jumpers, and equitation to maintain a close community that is working and showing towards the same goals. This is not to say that other disciplines are not a valuable part of the equine community but that our focus is on those disciplines only.

    The Bridle Path was designed to mimic the real world as much as possible.

    1. ashley

      I love all the games but you should go one whoa horseie it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!you get to play as a wild horse or a rancher and if you are a rancher you get to round up wild horses and if you are a horse you have to run away from ranchers!!So if you want to try a fun horse game go on whoa-horsie.

      1. katelyn

        can you please give me a invitation key. pleasr please please its driving me crazy that i dont have any horse friends so please and thank you

        1. katelyn

          SEARESLY!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN UP WAY PAST MY BED TIME TRYING TO FIND A KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM REALLY YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

        2. Lauren

          Whoa Horsie isn’t open yet will be soon! If you want an Invitation key they give out free ones to people who go on their other websites such as White Oak Stables (Also known as WOS) You can either play as racer (Which is hardest) Or english (Which is easiest + people call english register WOSE and call the racing register WOSR)
          Hope this helps! I’m called :) Smiley When I go on chat add me if you want 2! xxx

        1. someone's Mom

          If you are a child you should NOT be posting your email. Bad people are going to email you!

          Chances are it is NOT children posting their email. I would be willing to bet it is the β€˜bad people’ i just talked about. If you email this person, they will soon be asking for your pictures.
          Do NOT post your email or email anyone you do not know!
          Show this post to your Mom or Dad RIGHT NOW!!!

          1. Lauren

            Very smart… I would NEVER post my email! It would just be more dangerous then jumping off a bridge! lol ok maybe not that extreme but it is dangerous nobody do it… SERIOUSLY!

            :) (^^^) SMILEY FACES! WOO HOO I LOVE THEM! XXX

      2. Sussie

        please can u send me a invatation code whoa horsie sounds and looks really cool plus just to say horses r my fav animal ever since i was little and i have a chesnut horse called Tilly i remembered from once i said if i got a horse i would name it that.
        P.S. srry if the reply is long but i really want to go on whoa horsie!!!

      3. A seriosuly pissed off person

        First of all, i’ve heard that the game isn’t even open to play yet. It’s still coming out. Second of all, if you’re a member you should be INVITING people. If I was a member I’d make a damn youtube video to show I was a member and anyone that wanted a code would only have to ask me for one. YOU on the other hand post “It’s such a fun game! You should play it!” WE CAN’T PLAY IT WITHOUT A FCKIN INVITATION! AT LEAST OFFER INVITES TO PEOPLE!

        I don’t expect you to invite me after this but you should’ve invited the people who asked fckin politely. You ignored all of them. You’ll probably even ignore this one.

        1. Bella xxx

          Haha very true comment! I might be becoming a tester on whoa horsie so I’ll send you an invite! (I’m not yet but maybe becoming) If your on Facebook like their page then you get to see all the cool updates! + Just a random Q Has anyone ever met Justin Bieber? It would be so cool! Would’nt it? I love his music! I could talk forever about Justin Bieber and horses! Or even better Justin Bieber and me talking about horses! Now that would be cool! lol xxx

          sorry for the long comment! x

      4. Horse Luvver

        Somebudy give me an invitation key for Whoa Horsie!!!!!
        I’m begging ppl’s!!!

      5. nessie.nay

        please please please send me an invitation key? ive been wanting to play it for aaaaages but i dont know anyone who plays it! if you feel like it, my email address is

        1. Bella xxx

          Oh By the way everyone knows whoa horsie has an age limmit? Well the age limmit is 16! Lucky me I’m turning 16 soon so I’ll be able to play! few! xxx

      6. ALEXA


      7. Beth

        Hi, So are you a member on whoa-horsie? If you are can you please send me an ivite? I will deeply be in gratitude forever! I have wanted to play this game for so long and people say it is really good. Please…Im begging you!!!

      8. Monica

        hi can you give me invitation key please? i very want to play this game please please please

      9. lexi

        please send me acctivation code or what it is called i tryed but it wont let me. please send it i would be truly greatful

    2. Rachael


      i just randomly wanna write to some one!!! πŸ˜€
      any who, Bridle path sounds like a cool game, but one question. . .. . . . . . . . IS IT FOR MAC???
      thank ya for ya patients, by the way i is in CRAZY mood mew hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha :) OH and also is it . . . . . . .

      FREEEEEEEEE. Ok that was my question.

      PEACE OUT!!

      From: Rachael
      Rachael the horse lover
      Oh and eny one who wants to play a online horse game try HORSE ISLE 1 AND 2 their worth it. :) πŸ˜€

  3. bryannA

    hello him always trying to find a good horse game but when i wanna log in or sign up it wont let me for sum reason when i wanna sign up what does the image say and if i wanna log in it will say wrong password please help me

  4. Ellie

    Fox Fire Sim (sim) website /form based sim game has been around for a while and is looking for new members . We are a all discipline game and also have all types of racing . Game is open to 15 & Up and 14- with written parent permission .

    1. Ml

      Yeah I agree, however I LOVE and am so ADDICTED to horseisle it is a awesome game but Bellasara is also great! Other game ares peices of crap!

  5. Ellie

    Hi Everyone

    I have a great new sim game just starting out have several staff positions available and is all disciplined . Of course it is for ages 15 + but I will take anyone at this point . Currently looking for admin staff help . Also we have boarding a private barn spots open .


    Game Title : Fox Fire Sim


    My thoughts on what Lillie said

    I activtly play in Hayland and I do not belive it is boring . Amy is great president and love boarding at her barn (Magolia Hills) . I am sorry you are playing I am looking forward to the Olympics .


  6. Ellie

    Hello Lk

    I invited you to try out as a member of Fox Fire Sim . I am extremly active and base the game off what the members put into it . My game will not be crap and I will not tolerate this type of talk on the messageboard . If you would like to seek a active sime game please come and join Fox Fire sim

    Address is below

    1. educationcit

      no all you have to do is make an account and buy a horse.You can go into the paddock,ride your horse and take care of ypur horse.You can also speak to others and do challenges


  7. Chae

    Equine International is an all enclusive horse sim that caters to horse enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Our members have the chance to build a stable that caters to their needs whether it be a backyard barn or an Olympic Empire, the possabilities are endless. Our game is a forum based game with a few extra’s like: an Automatic Banking system, Lotteries, Quizzes, an RPG/Arcade and even a Racing booky for all you risk takers.

    We are currently looking for new members and even a staff member or two. By joinging now you could be one of the lucky few who recieve an upgrade to Olympian status or even become a staff member.

    1. emilysopko1

      do you no what the security code is for it cuz if your not puting it in then you wont be able to get in butif you no what it is can you tell me i have been trying to get in forever its just a pink and white blob!!!!lol

      1. musickfreek

        I know!! I wish I could play.. I can’t find any 3D games. That is what I am looking for. I used to play VHR2 so much. Then my computer crashed. I got a laptop for my birthday and when I go to orbisworlds, click VHR2, it immediately says, “Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage”. Urgh!!
        I so wish I could play at least ONE 3D game. I’m not partial to the role-playing games.

  8. Georgika

    who help me and me with something? … I want to get my account on the site ala top .. and do not know how … help me? please .. who helps me to have accepted the kiss_you4140

  9. Ayaveeh

    If anybody interested, theres and other virtual horse breeding game:

    You can breed, sell, buy, train and race horses. The game is pretty new, and in a beta version.
    There are many different breeds with unique handmade illustrations for all the colors and foals. (we update the breeds frequently, when a new drawing is finished)

    It’s turn based, u don’t have any limitations in turns (u can play as much as u want every day). And it’s completely free (no real money purchaseable items or account upgrades, everyone is equal)

    The only backdraw is: it’s not in english :(

    The game is made by me in php… If anybody interested, and want to play, I can make a slight translation in english :)

  10. Dakota

    I LOVE HOWRSE EVERBODY JOIN!! sorry for caps. just pretend its not yelling. well i kinda am but what ever! lol, ond my username is dakota1998

  11. past VHR2 player

    hey people-
    for some reason, when i load Virtual Horse Ranch 2, it doesnt load. i used to play all of the time, but got bored and came back like a year or 2 later. i ounch in my user and password, but when i push the [log in] button, it doesnt do anythiing. help?


    1. musickfreek

      Same thing happened to mine before my PC crashed.. I can’t even load the page to download it now. :(
      Such a good game too!

  12. Sara

    Yeah i no this is very boring i have tried every single game and multiplayer games as possible but none of them are cool or fun. And if they are they are ussaly scams wish there was a horse game where u could be a wild horse and its virtural.

    1. RoseLuver

      are thare eny wild horse game were u can be a wild horse live in a herd plus it is multi player u can chose your gender ur colar and when u get in to the game u can chat u can breed with other horses (opisit gender) and u will have to ceep the foals safe from danger Exaple…… cougars,bears,wolfs and ccyoties but a nother player wich is a stallion will be the leader of the herd. So its like a real life horse game u live like a wild horse :) To:Sara

  13. nandita

    I think this games are bad first bellasera to babieishe and all of them is sim i wont not SIm it sucks. I wont 3d like my horse club but that only works on one tipe of java i think the best game is HOrseisle but it is 2D i wont i game that works in 3dthere must be a game like that in the world.

  14. Sara

    These games are all boring and not fun i tried all of them isnt there one game that u can be a wild horse that is virtual god….

    1. nessie.nay

      in one of the earlier comments someone mentioned a game called whoa-horsie. they said its 3d and you can either be a rancher rounding up wild horses, or a wild horse escaping from ranchers. i really want to play, but i cant because there is a downside, you need an activation key and the only people that can send you one is someone that already plays. :(

  15. nandita

    i agree with some of this players this games are sooooo lame please find a game that is not simulation not forum formate and doent suck like horse isle

  16. Julia

    Ok not to be a pest but horseisle DOES NOT SUCK! i play horseisle & love it. i know about 6 ADULTS who play on horseisle. DONT talk smack about horse islekk thanks

    1. Emily-Rose

      Hey there,
      I saw your post and I agree with what people about Horse Isle, it does suck to me, but everyone is open to their own opinion so don’t go getting all worked up about what other people say about it. You have your opinion, I have my opinion, and they all have their own opinion. So don’t get mad at them for not liking it. You can’t make them like it.
      This is a note for everyone:
      PLEASE WATCH YOUR SPELLING AND READ YOUR COMMENT BEFORE YOU POST!!! I don’t know about you others out there, but it really is hard to understand what people are trying to say if they don’t watch their spelling, or at least their grammar!
      Thank you!

    2. Emily-Rose

      Hey there,
      I saw your post and I agree with what people are saying about Horse Isle, it does suck to me, but everyone is open to their own opinion so don’t go getting all worked up about what other people say about it. You have your opinion, I have my opinion, and they all have their own opinion. So don’t get mad at them for not liking it. You can’t make them like it.
      This is a note for everyone:
      PLEASE WATCH YOUR SPELLING AND READ YOUR COMMENT BEFORE YOU POST!!! I don’t know about you others out there, but it really is hard to understand what people are trying to say if they don’t watch their spelling, or at least their grammar!
      Thank you!

  17. lacey

    Hi the game My Horse club is the funnest game i ever played . And hey if some of yall people know were to find realy cool fun games . Reply back to me thank you.

  18. Maki

    Hey, just wanted to point out that in my opinion HI (Horse Isle) has a horrible community. The players, the mods, everyone. If you want to know you can ask, but I will rant, so a fair warning to you. Worst community game I’ve ever found.

  19. bella

    a virtual horse is the best game ever. i am hooked. you can breed different types of horses, feed them, compete in shows and much more. you could work as a stablehand or a vet. you earn coins for every job you do. you can actually see your horse and trade with other players. you can chat and they have forums!! trust me it’s fun and please sign up with that link please!!!!

  20. Maverique

    Canis-Equus is a horse/dog/llama sim that is for 13 and up (under 13 needs parent permission). feed/show/train/breed critters. forum boards and chatroom.

  21. Danny

    Shoco and Hajinc are great games, too bad the greatness is over-shadowed by such a HORRIBLE game owner! I wouldn’t waste my time on those games just because of the creator. She’s a complete control freak and doesn’t think twice about bad mouthing any member on her games-paying or not-and using her lackey moderators to boycott people who don’t share the same opinion she does. It’s like a big high school clique all over again and people who usually pay for an upgrade feel sorry for doing so within the month (or less).

    1. horse lover

      I love horse land but bella sara is not as fun as i thought it was.If you know a girl named Josi,her friend seid you knew her.So please write back.(Anyone can wright back).:D!!!!!

    1. Chels

      i dont want a game that i can train a horse i want a 3d game that i can Be a horse please tell me of a game like this!!

  22. olivia

    denny, i totally agree with you. the owner of hajinc is horrible. if you don’t agree with her, or ask a question, she will reply rudely. it was like she was constantly depressed and angry. very weird. besides that, the game is fun, but i refuse to support a woman who is so blantantly rude and demeaning.

    1. Kelly

      Lets not forget to mention that she also has the “best” horses and the most “rare” colors. Cheater. Thats what I call her.

  23. Minda

    Everyone must play Howrse. In my opinion it is the best horse game I have played so far. Others have bad graphics. There is a wonderful online communtiy and it’s free. (Unless you want to buy passes)I simply love the game and you really get connected to your horses. The mods are really nice and so are the other players. Today 12-24-09 Howrse got its 4,000,000th player and everyone on the game recieved a gift. Merry X-mas

    1. Callileeno

      I used to play Howrse, it was fun for a time. It drove to boredom though! To take care of your horse and do all that stuff all you do is click a simple button. And you can have up to hundreds of horses to take care of. I found Howrse quite boring.

  24. Chae

    Just thought I’d put this out there. Equine International is re-opened after our temperary hiatus. It’s been improved and is currently accepting new members. The new site location is at We have re-worked the sim to allow better security for our members while at the same time allowing members creative freedom. If you are wanting to get involved with a sim that will continue to grow and change for the better I offer you a place on my sim!

  25. Callileeno

    I LOVE HORSE ISLE! It’s the best site ever! I’ve been playing it since Nov. 2007. For whoever plays Horse I created a guide for it just 2 days ago. There’s not much guides on it YET, but there will be. I also do contests adn we chat. My HI username is Callileeno

  26. Breeann Scotland

    Does anybody have a horse here because I do…Just got it! Its a Palomino Stallion(MALE/BOY)called Trigger

  27. RF

    This game is so cool(my name is RF because it stands for Royal Friesian which is me howrse username. Yes you just click buts its fun.You get to fun your own forum when you reach level 3, you can breed unis. its cool.

    1. PzPFairy

      I would totally vote Howrse as the funnest sim game. Right now, everything else is soooo boring. All the cool games have the worst community and makes you not want to play. Like Horseisle 2. But it’s graphics are great! Try it out. I got bored of it. I couldn’t do anything because of me having only 200k and a ranch and i can’t ride. so obviously i can’t go gem hunting… Anyways, Howrse is the most popular and funnest game on the net right now! After you get tired of it, go to! You’re never to old to play-join the community that has 1 member so far. :)

      1. Emily-Rose

        Hey there,
        For everyone who plays Howrse, I have been on it for twenty two days and I am already bored. It is not a SIM game, you just “click, click, click” and your moving on to the next horse, only to do it over!
        Hey, does anybody out there know of a Wii game for horse people, NOT PetzHorsez2 or Gallop and Ride already beat both those games twelve times. I need to find a new horse Sim game for the Wii where you can BE the horse, or the person, so you get to choose. That would be so cool!!!
        Thank you!!!

  28. RF

    Again Something about howrse, it has a great community, better then horse isle, i also like the pro boards games and RPGs, if you play howrse add me as a friend, my name on howrse is Royal Friesian.

  29. Zoe

    WARNING: Howrse is strongly addictive. It’s sooo fun! I’m creating my forum-ish RPG, I’ll post it soon! :-)

  30. Ever

    [website –] is a really fun website!!! You can feed, care, and breed horses. The best part is being able to catch them in the wild. So basically you get free horses. It really helps you exerience what having a horse is like.

  31. gerbil dudz

    Hey guys, I know this downloadable horse game but I can’t remember the name you get to like train your horse and run it in comps and that sort of stuff, can anyone help me remember the name of it please *-) it would be greatly appreciated :-))

  32. Christina

    Come check out Cheval! It the most awesome forum based horse sim out there! You have more control over what you can do with your horses than most games you can also even create your own breed! It has a roleplaying twist with items that turn your horses into cool horsey creatures, with a freindly staff and active members its soo much fun!

    1. amelia n.

      you failed to mention a few things though about equiscape. I don’t know how many folks will actually feel comfortable playing a sim/game where nazism is supported. It is one thing to allow freedom of speech, it is another to set limits when it is a game site, viewed/used by minors.

      1. Merk

        lol what? It has nothing to do with the game, it’s the people that play it. So you’re just as likely to find people that say stupid things on any other games. The mods don’t allow things like racial slur or whatever you saw on ES. If someone did say something like that, chances are there were no mods around, they can’t be watching every page every second of the day. If some person isn’t following the rules of ES, it isn’t the sites fault.

  33. Sunny

    For those of you that have played HueHorse ( or Pony Island ( can you tell me some other FREE games that are similar? I like HueHorse besides the fact that uploading my own creations never works/:

  34. chiquita

    Hey i went on this site and i can not read the secerty code ,any one no it coz if i dont put it in i can not be part of the site

  35. Rachel

    I play on howrse since I was 9 or 10 years old. Howrse is a fun website when you get to choose your own horse (name, colour and breed), you get to play games with them when they are a foal, breed them when they are 2 and a half years old, enter competitons with thim when they are 3 years old and other thing u get to do withg them. U allsome get to train them.

  36. Brie

    Horse Isle is BY FAR the best game here. I’ll admit the chats and mods are terrible, but if you acually play the game, it’s alotta fun. They’re coming out with Horse Isle 2, which I’ev signed up for a BETA(which means it’s still in testing), and it’s great :). It’s going live soon, so hope to see some of you there? πŸ˜‰

  37. niki

    ok all these games are well,boring and everyones played them does anyone no how to create horse games

  38. amelia n.

    watch out if you are going to check out equiscape! unless you suck up to the mods or owner, get ready to see the power tripping.

  39. heididving

    The game is OK. I suppose this site has loading problem. I will check it one more time. I had gone through this site to get something new related to horse racing games but I suppose I enjoyed much more. I liked the horse jumping part of this game whereas remaining section are good for small age groups.

  40. HorsesRuleAll

    I am trying to find a website where you can actually be a wild horse(not role playing).Kind of like Horse Isle where you enter a world and move around with arrow keys.By the way i play Horse Isle 2 and my Username is HorsesRuleAll PM me on Horse Isle if you know any websites like what i explained!

  41. Kira

    Hello all,
    I saw the game:Whoa-horsie
    and it looks very cool.You can be a wild horse or a trainer,but the only problem is i dont have a key :(
    Is there anyone here playing the game that has a key for me? I thank you very much :)

  42. Sarah

    Hi, could anyone give me an key for Whoa-Horsie please? I’ve wanted to play it for SO long.

    1. PzPFairy

      It isn’t fully coded yet. Sit down and relax at chat. Keep your eye on the look out for Jade to come by and pick five players to be the original players. She will give you a key if you are chosen. πŸ˜‰


    I’m a kid in horse racing games and i play every day horse games.and i get a suspicious thrilling while playing the horse i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove more much horse riding games

  44. IronFriesian

    Hey guys, who played whoa- horsie, i really want the invitaition and i play the racing version. My is IronFriesian and please tell me that you have one i would i like one very much thanks.

    1. PzPFairy

      If you joined right now, you wouldn’t be able to play and you would have lots of errors because it is still in coding. It’s not open yet. If you promise to stay active, you might get picked at chat! Watch out for Jade, the site owner of both sites, to come and start picking out some people to play! She will give you a code if you are chosen.

    1. PzPFairy

      It isn’t fully coded yet. Keep your eye watching in chat for Jade! Sit back and relax while you wait for the site to open. Might be several months from now. It could even be a year!

    1. PzPFairy is currently still in coding. Sit back and relax at chat. Keep your eye on the watch for Jade to come into the chat! She COULD be choosing people then. I’m even waiting, because it’s the game I’ve always wanted to play. For months, in fact. :) I do agree that she should do invitation keys because you don’t want to have a herd and it’s members get left behind, right? Everyone has to be on.

  45. Desiree'

    virtual horse ranch 2 is a good 3d type horse game. u get to breed and train and tlk to ppl. it has a lot of members but a lot of them have stopped playin so they need more members. but it is kinda fun for a while. i like playin it :)

    1. musickfreek

      Because something happened!! Can’t log in, can’t even get to the page to download the game.. I was 14Jaeda. I MISS IT SOO BAD! :(

    1. PzPFairy is still in coding. I’m surprised everyone wants to play. :) Visit the chat and keep your eye on the watch for Jade! Anytime, any moment, could be coded! Sit back and relax, and have fun chatting while you wait for her to come and choose the specific active people that get on almost everyday. As you see, the whole herd of horses has to be on for one not to be left behind.

  46. Abigail

    i dont remember the sites but i have gotten viruses from them and so my computer is being retarded.

  47. Kendall

    I really like Horse Isle, and perhaps the graphics aren’t the best, but I think I play the game more for the people on it. You can find great friends that love horses as well. Of course there is Horse Isle 2 now, which is another option. Horse Isle is about community, where as other sites I have found are really isolating. No other horse game has kept me coming back for as long as Horse Isle has. You ride your horse places, rather than clicking on a button to go there, and you actually compete in the competitions. I stand by, and will stand by Horse Isle forever.

  48. smiles101

    on im smiles101
    on im ksrg11

    i dont understand this website at all.i thought it was a sim?

  49. Lewis

    BORING wat is this website do for us just to call over some friends and say hay look at these nerds playing horse games on ds tv computer and game boys your wasting your money on stuipid pictures.

    1. crystal

      ya and what exactly are u doing on a horse sight then if its a waist of time. dam get a life and stop talking to people who dont really care what u have to say

  50. Aly

    I also play Horse isle and I love it. I tried howrse but it wasn’t for me. I found it a little odd but that doesn’t mean others shouldn’t try it. Horse isle I have found is not incredibly complicated but also fun. Try it go to

  51. Sussie

    plz give me a invite to whoa horsie my emial is and I think HI is really awesome(1&2 eaqually) but my fav is howrse even if it does get boring a bit if u play it for too long…
    and im a massive horse lover tell me if there are any new horse games!!!(but not racing)

  52. Kayla SUCKS!!!!!!!
    If u don’t get a premium account u only get one
    stinkin brownish grey horse.
    Plus the website keeps crashing!!!!!!!!!:(
    Also sucks too.
    U don’t even get to see yourself ride the horse.
    And the horses die if u neglect them what kind of
    game is that!?!?!?!?!?!

  53. CatchyMare

    This is a game you all have to try! I LOVE this game… items pop up onto the screen from time to time, click the item to make something good happen to your horse or miss it and lose out! :) I love it… no other game comes close.!

    Im on the morgan server, they have all the normal breeds and crossbreeds.. there are other servers… like on the paint server you can have unicorns and things… on the morgan server its just normal horses

    Im Nebo Stud on the morgan server.. msg me if you need help! πŸ˜€

  54. Friesianlvr

    If you want a really realistic horse game, Arcadia sim is for you, Im Shoane on it and I fell in love with it right away. It features automated banking, checkbook, chance for you to own your own mini barn and upgrade it to a boarding ranch over time. Also it is completely free, no premium player nonsense or coins etc. I love Arcadia, you can try it as a guest account to see if you like it, it might be a little confusing at first but just go to the new member center.



    Completely Horse Nuts Dot Com ( CHN ), is a virual world for Horse lovers … and it’s all 100% FREE to play – just sign up. No animation or video.

    It’s similar to “”, but it’s been around since 1999 AND new updates to the game are being added all the time.

    There’s no limit how many horses you own. You can breed, show and train all of your horses. Racing is restricted to Arabians, Narragansett Pacer, Quarter Horses, Standardbreds, and thoroughbreds.


      O! And even if you don’t login but once a month, your horse NEVER DIES … unless you choose to Euthenize it yourself. And the only other way you can lose your horse is if you don’t keep your horse up to date in it’s care, then it will get Conficatated.


    I play on CHN as “Lianna” … Completely Horse a really fun game!

    To take the CHN tour, just sign in as “Guest” in the Login and password!

    CHN’s Sim horses age every 6 Months of actual time. So, every January and July, they age one year. The Games Simulated year lasts 6 months as well… Real life Spring/Summer = 2011/1 , Real life Fall/Winter = 2011/2

    CHN has secret santa, but only once a real life year every December.

    For the horses that win Championships, they get a banner, points added to their personal page and the owner gets the prize money.

  57. Kat

    No, is the best virtual one…it beats horse club…horse club has a problem-about java! a MAJOR one! LOL

  58. Whoa Horsie

    Whoa Horsie has not yet been released! Stop complaining about invitation keys because they do not exist yet! Hold your horses, and be patient!


    So, are there any new horse sim games out there that I don’t know about? I know of Howrse, Horse club, HIsles … ( but everyone snubbed me on there ~ so I’ll NEVER go back! ).

    are there any others?

  60. demerical

    will somewon please give me a key to whoh horsie. I relly,relly,relly,relly,relly,need one, so pleas give me one :-),:-),:-),:-),pleas!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  61. Storm's Fury

    Imagine a wide stretch of land.

    Imagine no men.

    Imagine different terrain on all four sides.

    Imagine horses galloping, quicker than the wind.

    Imagine blazing heat, imagine bitter cold.

    Imagine tragic ends, imagine new beginnings.

    Imagine your wildest dreams coming true.

    Imagine all this, and you have Forgotten Crest.

    Let me be the first to welcome you to this roleplay. If you didn’t already know, this isn’t your average pick-a-character-type-their-lives roleplay. This is an exciting, kid-friendly roleplay stuffed with full-color graphics and twisting plots. Our staff is active, friendly, and polite; always willing to answer questions you may have about Forgotten Crest.

    Featuring four unique Herds, this roleplay site truly is the best.

    Now that you know what we’re all about, the decision’s up to you.

    Will you join?

    A brand new horse roleplay…opened February 11th and we already have 11 members.

  62. Le Cheval

    Previously known as My Equine, Le Cheval is a forum based sim that happens to have a few added bonuses. We are a versatile bunch and strive to make our community as user friendly as possible.

    What happens on Le Cheval?

    Our members build stables, breed horses, and compete to be the best. Whether your a Dressage Queen or a Jumping Fanatic, we have a place for you. We welcome members from ALL disciplines and experiences whether you have real life horse experience or just dream about them.

    We cater to members both experienced and new to the scene of simming. Our staff is friendly and always available to answer questions or lend a helping hand.

    We have re-vamped our community and are on the lookout for new members all the time. Join us now and you may get an instant upgrade for being one of the first 15 members to apply.


    Feel free to email the Admin with any questions or concerns you may have!

  63. SillyFilly

    ‘Ello everyone! I figurd I’d pitch in my two cents about some of thr online horsr games I play πŸ˜‰
    I play Howse (FireHorse), HorseIsle (CalicoFilly on pinto which I prefer many times more to the V2 where I am DreamFilly), Ponybox (WildFilly) and occasionally Morgan server (Calico Farms). Howrse is robotic in the beginning until you get the higher end horses, and I find crossbreeding to be interesting and fun also. There are some great people in the community and I think everyone should try digital art ;D. HorseIsle I like the ‘world’ playing field and the ability to capture wild horses, but in my opinion the whole ‘you can’t see anything on the ground except for the exact pixel of the map you are on’ of V1 is annoying and non subscribers should be able to sell horses in the V2 (I generally ignore the community in both… it really isn’t the best). Ponybox everyone is a polo-er which is rather monotonic and winning matches can be diffucult, but the Morgan and all other old servers are diverse and the forums are bustling with life.
    I reccomend any of these to those that are interested by reading my fail little analysises or whatever the plural of analysis is, and feel free to contact me on any of them :) Once again those are my OPINIONS and everyone feels differently. The world would be so boring if everyone thought the same.

  64. bella

    hi pls reply a good horse game site where i dont have to sighn in and leave a password or give out my email and please reply to this message aswell thankyou

  65. A Person Who Might Have A Good Idea

    OK I read all of wat you pll have to say and i have checked all of these games out but really THERE ALL BORING!!!! So instead of playing these “really cool games” how about MAKING one. I have an idea to make this Wild Horse game that is just like WolfQuest ( Realistic, educational, and of course FUN!!!
    I didn’t start making it yet because I’m trying to find a really good animation studio. Like good graphics and all the stuff. I’m also going to a High School next year and taking a class for this too so that i know wat I’m doing.
    Anyway, if someone out there can find a wild horse game that is like WolfQuest, please reply to this message so that the other pll can play it too.

  66. Eva Roberts

    Here is another horse racing game whose popularity is growing:, breeding and virtual racing. Much more to do with skill than luck. You must be older than 18 to play it. Based on real money, winnings cash-outs are possible if you leave in the UK or Ireland.

  67. katie

    anybody know were you can get a breeding game for online and you should try the game howrse it is a fun game and you can breed train and put your horse in a competition bye and have a good day.

  68. Ellaloveshorses

    I went horse riding and there is a new pony and a donkey the donkey is called Annabell and the pony is called Harvey !!! CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Keilah

    Come join me on this wonderful relatively new horse genetics sim game! πŸ˜€ If you want to get extra freebies when joining use my invitation code- V5NrAF0d2NZoRaBZ .
    I hope to see you there!! πŸ˜€

  70. Kate

    Whoa Horsie is still in progress but here is the link to the website where it tells you about all the games they have made and stuff

    If someone gives me a link on how to make a game like Wolf Quest, Whoa Horsie, Endless Forest, My Horse Club, Horse Isle and Web Earth then I might be able to make one even though Im only 11 years old

    1. HorseLuver

      KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE A GAME LIKE MY COMENT :) sorry for da caps lol oh and fly like a bird 3 is a cool game u can chat and be a bird :) hope u all like fly like a bird 3 and try it out thx :) :) :)

  71. Cathy

    I really like Arcadia Sim. It’s free (that’s one of the best things) and it combines the good “old school” feeling of those 1990’s forum communities with convenient banking, show results tracking, etc. I love showing, hate collecting points. This answers that problem without giving up that small community feel!

  72. Shelby joubert

    i love this game its fan i dnt raeli knw wot to say buy i woud like tp say this games is nice so r all the people in the world if u dnt wut to do something u dnt have to if ur friend say u suck so wot u dnt have to do something u dnt wut to do it

  73. erin

    Hey you guys are crazy because i can load my up in like three seconds and the games load fast to so there is nothing wrong with my computer and there’s somthing wrong with some of you

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