Origami Horses

I like to feature equine art of all types, especially if it is well done. While I find origami frustrating when I’m trying to make it, I do like to see the products of other people’s imagination and a few sheets of paper.

Paper Horses

I scoured the web to found all of the coolest horse origami out there and compiled it here for the viewing pleasure of us all. Frankly, I was expecting to have 5 maybe 6 different designs, but I was shocked because I just kept finding more and more.

Origami Horse Instructions

Origami Persian Horse Pt. 1

Origami Persian Horse Pt. 2

Origami Horse Face

You Can Make Them Too

If looking at all of the images above got your fingers itching to fold some paper, I found a few tutorials that can help you make a basic origami horse.

If you prefer to go at your own pace, Think Quest provides a great step by step tutorial.

Fold up your own horse, take a picture of it and send it to me. I’ll post your efforts on the site so you can show off your origami talents too.

15 Comments on “Origami Horses

    1. mooksii

      All you have to do to make ordinary paper into antique style is paint a sheet of paper on both sides with ‘shellac’. You can buy shellac from your hardware store or art supply retailer.They should be able to give you directions on how to mix to get a tea like consitancy : )

  1. vic

    holy crap i just want to make some for my socail studies project …………. some of them r kinda stuiped but almost all of them r great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. romie

    I created a simple horse model from a single square paper using the bird base origami, without cutting, without pasting or gluing. So, where do I send it to share?

    1. Francisco

      hey zn! did you ever find those instructions you asked for?, if so please help me find them! Thanks!

  3. SnooLovesHorseArt

    They’re AMAZING, once i saw an awesome show on origami and u would not BELIEVE what sort of things they can do!
    I LOVE Horses!!!

  4. maia

    Do you have the instructions for these? I want to make a paper horse like the first one but can’t find instructions… Awesome pictures! :)

  5. origami maniac

    if you want to know how to make the two base structures that he starts with find a tutorial on how to make the paper crane and after the first few steps you will have the base for the persian horse if anyone wanted to know.

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