Outstanding Horse Images

Mare sleeping with her foal as a pillow
It is amazing that such a large creature can be so darn cute, but somehow horses manage to pull it off, (most of them anyway).

Special Moments

It is rare and difficult to catch those moments on film, so when they are caught they should be celebrated. In my never ending quest to discover more about horses online, I run across plenty of those moments worth sharing.

Here Are a Few of Them

Horses drinking from a fountain in Central Park

The town watering hole
Image from tiseb

Horse drinking from a hose

It’s hot and I’m thirsty

A man riding a blue eyed horse

Ole Blue Eyes
Image from Eduardo Amorim

Horse Whiskers

Time for a shave!
Image from tech no logic

Horse Through the Trees

Image from Cathy Hennessy

Horse & Princess

Now you just need a horn…or some wings.
Image from laura jess

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15 Comments on “Outstanding Horse Images

  1. jade

    well done its so much fun when uv only just started to canter iv got my own pony and i would’nt let him canter for weeks and now that hes cantering again he loves it to peacies he even gets excited and does little bucks and hes also go asthma [rao]

  2. issy

    aw this is very cool

    i have my own pony, she is a proffessional jumping pony she is very cool – we jump 5 ft when we’re feeling good, but compete at 4 ft! yay i love you Cookie! Her full name is Sweetbriar but for some reason the nickname Cookie stuck!! she is a strawberry roan, 16.2 hh thoroughbred cross ISH

    Go, go Cookie!

    1. HunterJumper

      Too cute! I loved the one of the big, fat pony!!!
      My 4 year old horse just is the cuttest thing ever.
      These pics reminds me of him!

  3. Millie

    I ride, i go in shows, and have won loads! :L my pony is just adorable, she is a gypsy vanner, called amy, and she is just the cutest, she has lots of feather, also i have a welsh section D , a bay mare, she is very fast, and has got a awesome ability of jumping, well done and congrats for the person who said they’ve just started to canter, i remember when i learnt to canter, and it was the best feeling, same when i learnt to jump, ive rode all my life, i first sat on a horse when i was 6month old, at my farm 😀 My life couldn’t get any better, i learnt to ride before i learnt to walk 😀 x


    I have a pony named niner. She is a fancy 13.3 mare. She has a nine on her forehead. She was born with it. We jump in short stirrup. Cute pics! Espiecally the one with the fat pony. Reminds me of a pony at my barn named lemon!!!

  5. quarterhorse

    The photo you have of the palomino mare and her foal sleeping- that’s my mare!!! Sweetest horse, her name is Paris, and the foal she is with is Sahara, who unfortunately passed away while she was still a foal.

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