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horse with blacksmithAn essential member of any track, the farrier has a very demanding job. From regular trims to emergency services they have their job cut out for them at all hours of the day.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from a physical strength, the ability to work with multiple animals and a strong knowledge of horse anatomy. At the track it is also important that the farrier have a firm understanding of the Thoroughbred temperament as well as the rigors of track work.

Solid communication skills are also a must. Track blacksmiths don’t just deal with horses, they work with a whole host of different types of people and track staff.

Job Description

Responsible for the trimming, shoeing, health and overall well being of the feet in their charge, the farrier has a personal responsibility to each individual animal. They also work closely with owners, trainers, jockeys & even exercise riders to ensure a sound ride and establish a healthy foot routine for each horse.

To clear up any confusion, a farrier works specifically with horses, although they do need training as a blacksmith to learn techniques for shaping shoes. In short, all farriers are blacksmiths, but not all blacksmiths are farriers.


Handling a variety of animal temperaments
Understanding the specific needs of race horses
Developing specific trimming schedules for each animal
Knowledge of the movement of each horse
Trimming of feet to encourage natural movement
Measurement and selection of the proper shoes
Forging and shaping shoes to fit & attaching them with nails
Providing solutions for lame animals and preventing further injury
Correcting bad and misshapen feet
Emergency services during practices & races


Requirements vary from country to country and many have farrier associations which offer different levels of certification programs and endorsement. Generally speaking, the more certification and training the better the work. This is a job which requires skill with blacksmith tools/ methods and a strong understanding of horse anatomy and foot disease.

Farriers at the track may be hired by the track itself, an animals owner or work for a specific trainer or stable. There is a great deal of job security for a farrier (especially a good one), horse hooves will always need someone to trim them.


A few places to start if you are interested in a career as a track farrier.

*Links open in a new window
The World Farriers Association
Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association
Farrier Industry Assiciation
American Farriers Association
European Federation of Farriers Associations
The Farriers Registration Council
Australian Farriers & Blacksmith Association
New Zealand Farriers Association
Western Canadian Farriers Association
Japanese Farriers Association

The Right Job For You?

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  1. Russ Burns

    25 years exp. blacksmith / farrier , national and International, journeyman union book in 1986, worked on more then 10 race tracks in U.S. including Belmont, Gulf Stream, Pimlico and Delaware Park as well as internationally including Dubai. Head blacksmith for hall of fame trainer J.Sheppard and other leading trainers. Long story short I am looking for a teaching position or in house stable to set up my blacksmith shop equipment to do the only thing I know and love. My wife backs me 100%. We are ready to relocate. If you are in need for some hard working talent don’t wait too long. Please give us a call at (928)567-0211. Thank you. The Q.A. over the phone will not be a waste of your time. thank you again. Russ

  2. ken buckley

    Are you looking for an experienced blacksmith with standardbreds in western pennsylvania. I have shod raecehorses for 7 years and include a 3 yr old colt world record and an aged gelding track record. Email me forcwork.

  3. henry

    hi iv been shoeing horses for for 20 years , and am looking for work any where abroad , iv grew up with horses and have a lot of patience , reason for leaving ireland looking for a change , and maby better weather . i also break and train horses and also have trained in newzeland to specialise on bare foot trimming , we have forty to fifty horses at home here , so i have a very good understanding of them , well send me an email if intersted

  4. george newton

    I am into standardbred race horses I sort problem horses and I am a certified farrier AND WOULD LIKE A JOB WORKING WITH HORSES FULL TIME

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