Asturcón Pony – Rare Horse Breed of the Week

Rare Horse Breed of the WeekThe rare breed for this Monday comes from the Northwest of Spain. The Asturcón Pony (or Asturian Pony) possesses a natural ambling gait by which they alternate moving both legs on one side.

Ancient Descendants

Thought to be a cross of the Garrano ponies of northern Portugal & Spain (which are direct descendants of the Celtic pony) & the Sorraia of Iberia. Neither of these bloodlines produce the ambling gait, so it is thought that some of the Celtic ponies (which are similar to Icelandic ponies) were amblers.

The Asturcón Pony became popular as ladies mounts in England & France. A smooth ride, they were referred to as Hobby Horses.

A Tough Existance

Due to harsh geographical conditions in their feral habitat, this breed has continuously faced extinction. Although their slim numbers has created an interest in preserving their smooth bloodlines, the breed is nearly extinct in its pure form. They are high on our Dangerously Rare list.

Learning More

Be sure to check out our own Asturcón Pony page – we couldn’t find any official sites for the breed.

Have Pictures?

As of now we have very few images of the Asturcón Pony for our informative page on them. If you have images (or information about the breed) you’d be interested in sharing, please get in touch today.