A List of Horse Rescue Blogs Worth Following

Horse Rescue BlogsFor the past few weeks I’ve been sharing some fantastic online reading for horse lovers. However I’ve come to realize that I could spend days listing all of the different types of equine blogs out there.

The Rescue Blogs

Perhaps the most important genre of blogs when it comes to animals is the rescues. These are the people who not only spend their time helping our favorite animal, but they find time to write about their experiences as well. Of all the blogs these are the surest to make you laugh & cry. Most of the blogs below I’ve come to know through Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media – be sure to look for them around the web as well.

I have tried to limit it to more active blogs and if I’m forgetting anyone my apologies – do speak up in the comments if I should be following your blog & I will!

Horse Rescue Blogs
Australian Horse Rescue Share a variety of info about the equine world in Australia.
Equine Advocates Post about local events, amazing photography and rescue info.
Equine Elders Share sad & inspirational stories of their rescues.
Equine Rescue France Keeps up with equine news, fantastic human interest stories and rescue updates.
Horse and Man A really amazing blog with a great variety of informative horse articles.
Horse Plus Humane Society Posts equine news, local events and great stories about their rescues.
Horse World A lively blog keeping everyone up to date on their rescued animals.
Mare Diaries Amy keeps us updated about J&M Acres rescue & entertained with her personal musings.
Mare Diaries Amy keeps us updated about J&M Acres rescue & entertained with her personal musings.
Miracle Horse Rescue & Sanctuary Posts frequently about their beautiful animals and rescue facility.
Safe Haven Horse Rescue Keeps readers up to date about the goings on at Safe Haven.
Shiloh Horse Rescue Posts video, pics and stories about their rescues.
Shiloh Horse Rescue Learn a little more about donkeys and the people who love them.

The Never Ending List

A big round of applause for the facilities above for their fine work, and apologies to anyone I’ve missed. This is a fairly small list, and I imagine most rescues have better things to do than blogging. I’d love to learn of more and hope readers will leave their favorites in the comments below. Be sure to check out some horse association, magazine & general horse blogs too.

2 Comments on “A List of Horse Rescue Blogs Worth Following

  1. Eric L Hansen

    Good morning Equinest:

    I too work in horse rescue. My Blood Rescue project aims to raise the public’s awareness of our need to honor these remarkable animals.

    This project has three moving parts: A Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eric-L-Hansen-the-Blood-Rescue-project/566983426648380?ref=ts&fref=ts
    a blogsite http://ericlhansen.net, and an art website http://www.ericlhansen.com/ for the visual images. I am working directly with Queen of Hearts Farm in my local are http://ericlhansen.net/archives/977 to promote horse rescue.

    For broad, grassroots exposure, I have a solo museum exhibition of my horse art scheduled for the fall of 2014. The museum curator and I are working to travel the show on a museum circuit around the country. In conjunction with the show, we will screen Werner Herzog’s film “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1664894/ have panel discussions with animal rights advocates and ranchers; and so on.

    I would be honored if you would ‘like’ my Facebook page. And with your permission, I would be interested in re-posting some of your material relevant to horse rescue.

    But mostly, I just want say again that there are many rescue voices coming from different places, and we’re speaking in unison with a single message! Don’t kill horses; rescue them.

    All best!


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