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A close up of someone picking a horse hoofWhile this is an entry level position, it is an essential one for the riders and trainers when at a horse show. Regardless of discipline, horse shows are a high-stress breeding ground for unexpected problems.

What You Need

There are many tasks that can fall under the grooms command and the actual job description will vary from show to show. That means that not only does the job vary, but so does the pay. This is a position which benefits from a firm knowledge of horseflesh, a teamwork attitude and independent, creative thinking.

Physical strength, a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail are essential aspects of a successful show groom.

Job Description

At horse shows, the job differs from working at a stable or farm. Grooms must stay close to their charges and keep them tidy, they can also be known to run small errands and help with accommodations and travel plans. This position may be required to work with (stressed) owners, riders, trainer, trainers assistant, show officials, vets and farriers.


Preparing feed and equipment before the show
Following feeding, cleaning & watering schedules
Basic horse care, bathing, brushing, clipping
Cleaning & maintaining of tack & equipment
Basic exercise and ground work
Assisting vet & farrier
Following supplement & medication schedules
Basic equipment maintenance and repair
Keeping horse and rider clean and tidy during show times


Some employers may require a high school diploma, but beyond that this position does not always require formal schooling. Experience is the best teacher with respect to horse care and usually potential employers know that. However, any education or training in horse anatomy, care or training are always a bonus.


A few places to start if you are interested in a career as a show groom.

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British Grooms Association

The Right Job For You?

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    Im older and have some experience riding and working with horse.
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