Social Media – Horse Jobs

Man on a computer with his feet upSimilar in nature to a horse web designer, working as a social media administrator doesn’t allow much time with horses, but it does allow a high level of flexibility and independence. For most, this works better as a part-time endeavor as it can be seasonal in nature.

Social media requires a sparkling wit, a solid understanding of your niche or discipline within the industry and extreme dedication to a cause.

What You Need

These days businesses are sorely behind the times if they don’t have strong social media profiles. Interaction online has become commonplace to enough of the world that global access is growing exponentially in importance. Social media mavens have an understanding of online trends and the ability to utilize them in a manner which achieves measurable results.

Job Description

This is one horse job description that won’t vary as much. Creation of social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with the intention of growing an audience and staying connected to the industry is just the start. Maintenance and growth are really the key elements of the job.

Responsibilities Include

Understanding client’s specific web needs
Researching client’s niche and competition
Creation and daily maintenance of social media accounts
Knowledge of social media trends and new networks
Ability to link networks together for overall growth
Creation of revenue from accounts
Understanding of affiliate networks


The requirements for social media administrators are likely to be fairly lax when it comes to education. Employers will be more concerned with experience online and the ability to provide a return on their investment than they will be with diplomas. Chances are, employers will want to speak to previous clients and see evidence of previous successful social media campaigns.

The Right Job For You?

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