The Zorse – A Genetic Twist of Fate

A Zorse or Zebrula is a cross between a horse and a zebra, a rare and unusual mix of genetics that creates a funky looking animal with both horse and zebra characteristics.

Not Your Average Zorse

Their name sounds vaguely like a creature from Lord of the Rings, based on that and genetics alone the zorse is bound to be good for a story.

Funky zorse

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Meet Eclyse

This pretty little German filly is Eclyse. No she doesn’t have a zebra hide under that white fur coat of hers, she is truly a freak of nature. The product of a mare horse and a zebra stallion, Eclyse is an oddball even in the Zorse community.

More Common Zorse Hides

The look above is uncommon, even by zorse standards – but these mysterious striped animals exist in a variety of colors.

What Are They Like?

Temperment varies from a calmer animal (much like a horse), to those more spirited and tough (both characteristics of the zebra). Being an interspecies coupling, the resulting Zorse is unable to reproduce.

Don’t believe me?

It’s ok, at first I didn’t believe the pictures were real either. But Eclyse is real, check her out in this video: