Toxic Plants – Images The Equinest Took

Poppy FlowersSince I started this rather ambitious project it is hard not to get sidetracked with new ideas before I finish old ones. So the plant section has been on the back burner (have you seen the size of the breeds section lately?)

Scouting the Poison

Although I have spent the last year and a half scoping out every bit of greenery and plant life I walk past. All in the hopes of spotting something horses shouldn’t eat so I can take pictures of it.

Photography is another hobby of mine and the toxic plant section has taught me a thing or two about plant life. The drive to track down toxic plants has led me on adventures I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Limited Diet

Now those around me to believe that horses are big babies who can’t eat anything.

Despite the number of jokes cracked, here are some of the images I’ve been able to contribute to the section.

Azalea Flowers

lupine Flower

Bracken Fern



Cherry Tree


Columbine Flower


Curly Leaved Dock Sorrel

African Wonder Tree


Black Locust Tree

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Viper's Bugloss




Be sure to visit the toxic plant section to learn more about plants that can hurt your horse (and look at more pretty pictures).