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Horse Trail EngineerWhile this job may not offer a great deal of hands-on animal time, it does require a serious understanding of equine habits and nature. Trail engineers actually have a fairly technical job which requires a knowledge of geography, direction and local flora and fauna.

What You Need

This is a position which may require previous engineering training and experience, knowledge of equines may be secondary to knowledge of the land and how to manage it. Often the engineers will contract to help maintain trails as well as creating them. This can be a freelance position or can be a salaried position depending on the place.

Strong understanding of geography, thorough knowledge of horses and the ability to plan and construct are key elements for a good horse trail engineer.

Job Description

Trail engineers must understand the earth in a variety of ways, especially when it comes to wear and tear. Beyond the initial exploration of the area and creation of a sustainable trail, engineers must also understand how to construct and maintain the trail in an effective manner. Equine trails should be as free of toxic plants as possible and should be built specifically to accommodate horse and rider behaviors.

Responsibilities Include

Surveying perspective trail sites
Risk assessment considering local conditions
Creating an aesthetically pleasing path free of obstacles
An understanding of footing and surface wear
Ability to rehabilitate old and disused trails
Knowledge of trail construction procedures and techniques


There is very little documentation about this horse career and it’s likely that employment requirements will vary by the job. Some trails may require an engineering or certification and others may favor candidates with more practical contracting and construction experience. Above all, those looking to hire a trail engineer will want someone who has experience in their trade.

The Right Job For You?

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