Horse Training iPhone Apps on iTunes

Horse Training iPhone AppsWhen it comes to iPhone apps there is an endless supply of time wasters & plenty of those have a horse theme. Amid all of those there are actually some very useful training apps in iTunes.

Horse Training At Your Fingertips

There is nothing easy about training a horse, and it certainly can’t be learned via your iPhone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some help, use the experience of others and (using your mobile phone) get instant answers. For each of the apps below I’ve provided a brief description and a link to them on the iTunes app store.

Equestrian Training Stage 1-4

Equestrian Training Stage 1-4This app is geared towards equestrian students and education. It features more than 1,000 equestrian questions covering everything from practical skills to care knowledge.

Equestrian Training – Stage 1 to 4 - Anuman
Created by Anuman

Good Horsemanship

Good HorsemanshipGood Horsemanship comes from being open enough to learn and this app features info & tips covering everything from food to choosing a horse to buy.

Good Horsemanship - Grey Horse Apps
Created by Grey Horse Apps


GroundworkThis app provides ground work exercises developed by Irish Horsmanship. Each one is designed to increase communication and improve ridden exercises.

Groundwork - Grey Horse Apps
Created by Grey Horse Apps

Horse Training

Horse TrainingA quick way to find barrel horses right at your fingertips. Browse a huge selection of listings from Barrel Horse World that include video, info, photos and contact info.

Barrel Horse World - Find your barrel horse today - Equine Media World
Created by Equine Media World


iHorseTrainerThis app provides ground work exercises developed to help with groundwork. Featuring bridle work, lungeing for control & advance leading instruction and video updates.

iHorseTrainer - Carbon app Development
Created by Carbon app Development

Trail Riding Training

Trail Riding TrainingA unique video training app helps riders learn trail riding basics, rider responsibility and tips for overcoming obstacles in trail settings.

Trail Riding Training - Cartwa Marketing
Created by Cartwa Marketing

Wild Horse Training

Wild Horse TrainingThis app provides a “complete guide to taming and training wild horses” written by an expert Arabian horse trainer.

Wild Horse Training - PTAJ Marketing Inc.
Created by PTAJ Marketing Inc.

Train Away!

If you liked these training apps be sure to check out Jane Savoie’s training apps and the iHorseRider app series.

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