Unusual Horse Art Pt 3

Unusual Horse Art

Image from Fountain_Head

I’ve had so much fun collecting unusual horse art that I just keep going with it and collecting more. If you haven’t seen Part 1 & Part 2 of this series yet be sure to check them out too.

A Few Of My Favorite Things

These posts combine several of my favorite things, horses, art, photography and of course the unusual.

Whose Art Is It?

Wherever possible I’ve added the artist info as well as the photographer source, but some of them were difficult to find.

If anyone can identify some of the art pictured here, please do leave the info in the comments so I can add credit for their work.

Unusual Horse Art

Image from Mr. Physics

Unusual Horse Art

Image from steve_w

Unusual Horse Art

Two Rearing Stallions’ Heads by Andy Scott
Image from susie1912

Unusual Horse Art

Marble Horse Statue in San Francisco – Artist Unknown

Unusual Horse Art

Horse & Woman Sculpture The Netherlands – Artist Unknown
Image from marie-II

Unusual Horse Art

A Young Girls Horse as Described by a Union Plumber by Jim Gardner
Image from Angels Gate

Unusual Horse Art

Horse Scuplture found at the 2008 Hamilton Waitangi Day Commeration – Artist Unknown
Image from EssjayNZ

Unusual Horse Art

Millenary Monument in Budapest
Image from ccaristead

Unusual Horse Art

Horse Sculpture from The Fells – Artist Unknown
Image from catchesthelight

Yes, There Is More Coming

I’ve got more to come, but for now go enjoy Part 1 & Part 2.

3 Comments on “Unusual Horse Art Pt 3

  1. Daren

    The two stallions’ heads are actually 1/10th scale versions of a proposed “working” sculpture entitled “The Kelpies”, which will form part of a new bio-park in Scotland. The full-scale articles will be HUGE!

    They were both based on Clydesdale horses.

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