20 Comments on “HUGE Draft Horses

  1. Alayna

    these horses are beautiful. at my barn we hau an 18 hand draft named Midnight or cokiemonster!!!!

  2. Nina

    I started “horse” riding when I was 4. At the time even a Haflinger poney looked like a moutain, but it felt reassuring, conforting, and now I love draft horses for their hugeness and their very kind temper : they’re poneys for grown ups !

  3. Jenna

    I love these horses. I own a percheron shire cross stallion, who is 18.3 hands. I can say from experience, they really are big babies. If you’re going to have a stallion get a coldblood

  4. Valerie

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for using my photo on this! :) The Cosmopolitan Horse Farm photo is of a Drum horse stallion named Chalk. He is about 16.3hhs tall and quite large. If you want to see a really huge horse check out the large black Shire named Paladin. I believe he’s close to 18hhs, easy, but such a love!

    I guess they have to be if they’re so large.

  5. Erica

    your horses are beautiful!!!!! I wish that i had a horse just like that,because i dont have a horse at all.I am a little girl looking at websites and i found yours.I was always told we are so poor that i will never get a horse.I am at a friends house writing this because i dont have a computer in my home.


  6. admin

    Valerie – The drum stallion is magnificent and your photo is fantastic. Thanks for letting me use it. I’ll check Paladin out, I love the gentle giants!

    Erica – Keep dreaming, sometimes that is all it takes. :)

  7. Kristie

    wow there huge I have never rode a big horse like these but i have rode a 16.3hh horse!there so pretty!

  8. beth

    these horses are beautiful! A friend of mine owns a shire stud farm, they’re biggest horse is 18.2hh and he is so gentle and sweet.

  9. adam

    I started riding when i was 1 or 2 years old. I have a horse of my own and she is about 10 or 11 hands tall.She is a smoth ride when she trots or runs.Any way i think these drafts are big cool horses.

  10. Layla

    Hello its layla who commented in 2011, i allways wanted a horse but now i can do stuff with a little 12 hands Dartmoor/Arab orgially Bay but now Grey and 16 i kinda share him hes called Parsley i allso ride a 16-3 and a half hands high called Lusio and i ride througobred arabs

  11. Janet

    Wow these horses are absolutely amazing and beautiful. I would love to see a draft horse in real life, even though I am horrified of a regular horse.

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