About The Equinest

Horse PowerFrom birth to the other end we’ve experienced it all. So when we started this little project we did it because we love horses & had the opportunity.

Bringing You Entertaining Horse

Our goal is to make everyone’s online horse experience a good, entertaining one. We don’t delve too deep into what we don’t understand & attempt to keep our articles fun. In our experience there is a strong sense of community among horse people, we’re betting on that to help make this site a good resource.

We take horses seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. So here is the deal, if we’re missing crap, tell us. We’ll add your crap and we’ll even give you credit for it.

Spread The Love

The information on this website is meant to be shared, if you like it pass it on, use it, print it, link to it. Plus we are always looking for writers who love horses, there is so much information out there to cover. We welcome new opinions and fresh voices.

Please contact us today if you are interested in contributing to The Equinest.