Horse Breed of the Week – Akhal-Teke

Akhal-Teke Horse

Image from Kerri-Jo

The Akhal-Teke is a hot weather horse, build for speed in the desert. Descendant of an ancient Scythian type horse, the Teke was bred by nomads.

Prized Animals

This breed is known for being fast and hardy, originally used as war and raiding mounts. Physical isolation and a strong sense of tradition kept their bloodlines relatively pure.

Akhal-Teke Horse

Image from Kerri-Jo

More Than Just A Horse

Harsh natural conditions created an animal superbly suited for it’s environment. Their high-protein diet is a key to their notable stamina and often includes butter and eggs mixed with barley.

These beautiful animals became a measure of their owners wealth, so they were well treated and considered a member of the family.

Russia Wasn’t A Big Fan

Sadly when Russia took control of central Asia many of these prized animals were taken from the Teke people and slaughtered.

Some of the horses owners released their animals into the wild in the hopes it would earn them a better chance of survival.

Find Out More

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