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Akhal-Teke Horse

Country of Origin: Turkmenistan

Akhal-Teke Horse

Image from Kerri-Jo


Known for their greyhound-like appearance & coats that often gleam with a metallic shimmer, the Akhal-Teke horse is one of the easiest breeds to recognize by sight. They are quite simply built for speed & stamina in hot weather.


Thought to be over 3000 years old, Akhal-Teke horses are descendant of the ancient Scythian type horse & named for the Teke tribe of the Akhal oasis. Prior to being claimed & named, the breed evolved their signature long, lean look (& amazing coat colors) from the hard life of a plains animal. Scarce resources & large predators caused them to develop long high-set necks, lean legs & natural golden coat camouflage.

Once controlled breeding began, extreme physical isolation & a strong sense of tradition maintained relatively pure bloodlines. The Teke tribe has always been nomadic & their horses prized as fast, hardy war mounts. Over time horses became an obvious measure of wealth, so they have always been well cared for & treated like family.

Changing Times

While their breeding may have once been highly traditional, the Akhal-Teke impressed upon the Russians as well. During the Russian occupation private owners were stripped of their animals which were taken to large, state-owned stud farms. Many owners chose to flee the country rather than relinquish their prized possessions.

It was later decreed that the animals taken to the stud farms were to be slaughtered for food, so breeders released as many of the animals to their native desert lands as they could. These actions by dedicated breeders probably saved the Akhal-Teke breed.

A Long Ride

In 1935, fifteen Akhal-Teke animals were ridden over 1800 miles from Ashgabat to Moscow (in 84 days). The ride was undertaken to demonstrate their amazing strength to Stalin, in the hopes of earning his permission to continue their breeding. The plan worked.

Modern Akhal-Teke

Turkmenistan SealThe modern animals are not so very different from their ancient ancestors. This is in large part due to the tribes who have always loved & bred them. In 1991 Turkmenistan was liberated & they define horse breeding as a nationalistic concern, even an art form, giving it a large amount of credibility. The Akhal-Teke has also been declared a national treasure & their lovely image graces the state seal.

Today Akhal-Teke enthusiasts can be found all over the world & the number of farms are growing. This is a cherished breed, as they are the last remaining strain of the mighty Turkman.


Average height 14.2 – 16 hands
Strong natural & soft gaits
Built for stamina & speed
Surefooted & strong


Head is long & light
Large, expressive eyes
Long slender neck with short, fine mane
Narrow in the chest with a long back
Legs are slender & long

Traditional Colors

All colors, but pale golden is the preferred color (their metallic glimmer is not due to the champagne dilution gene which doesn’t run in the breed).


Spirited with high energy
Highly sensitive
Bold & brave
Bright & able

Akhal-Teke Horse


General riding horse
Race horse
Eventing and show horse

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Country of Origin: Turkmenistan | Colors:
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