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Kathiawadi Horse

Country of Origin: India


Image courtesy of Rajendrasinh Jadeja


Interestingly enough, the Kathiawadi breed possesses the most inward curved ears of any breed on the planet (yes including the Marwari). They touch & often overlap one another at the tips – in fact, this is an indication of pure breeding.


Image courtesy of Rajendrasinh Jadeja


Also called Kathi, Kutchi, Kathiawari & Cutchi, the origin of the Kathiawadi breed is a mystery as there is no documentation available, but the breed takes it’s name from the region of Kathiawar in India where it originates.

It is thought that the breed came from a cross between the blood of local animals with that of Arabians rescued from a shipwreck off the coast at Veraval Port. In the early days the breed was maintained by the chiefs & bred for their requirements.


Image courtesy of Rajendrasinh Jadeja

Great pride was taken in the development of the Kathiawadi and breeding was closely monitored, of all breeds indigenous to India this one is considered the finest. The result was a great warhorse that was known for speed and agility as well as undying loyalty to their riders. These animals were said to stand over their wounded riders kicking & biting at anyone who dared approach.

Today the Gujarat government maintains the breeding farms and has used pureblooded animals to improve breeds in other areas as well. However, there are a few private breeders who maintain their own lines as well. There is very little difference between the Kathiawadi & the Marwari lines as they come from the same stock but are bred for a slightly different type.


Average height 13.3 – 15.2 hands


Head is handsome with a concave profile & held high
Ears are bent inward until they touch at the tips
Neck is short & set high
Body is well proportioned
Tail is carried high

Traditional Colors

Black with occasional piebald pintos


High spirited but manageable
Intelligent & affectionate


Image courtesy of Rajendrasinh Jadeja


Riding horse
Light draft
Polo pony

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