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American Mustang Horse

Country of Origin: USA

American Mustang


The American mustang is said to symbolize the freedom of the wild west of the Americas. The word mustang comes from the Spanish word, mestena which is roughly translated as a group of wild horses.

American Mustang


The Mustang is a descendant of Spanish horses introduced in the 16th century by Spanish conquistadores. These imported horses formed wild herds after the Spanish conquests & continued to reproduce with local animals. Their bloodlines carry Barb, Jennet & Andalusian influence.

Keeping Track

The American Mustang Association (AMA) was formed in 1962 in San Diego, CA to preserve & document the pedigrees of American Mustang horses. Horses are registered to meet morphological standards & measurements in the hopes of preserving the characteristics of the original Spanish bloodlines. The specific physical attributes of registered animals are distinct & the animals cannot be registered under another breed registry.


Average height 13.2 – 15 hands
As Barb descendants, a true mustang should have 17 ribs & 5 lumbar vertebrae.
Symmetrical, smooth muscled & well proportioned


Head is refined with a tapering muzzle, carried high & proud
Neck is crested & high set
Shoulder is long & sloping
Back is short & hindquarters are muscular
Deep girth
Low set tail
Legs straight & sound without coarseness
Hooves are wide at the base & dense

Traditional Colors:

Can be any color due to bloodline dilution, although more traditional Spanish horse coloring is valued including roan, dun & buckskin.


The mustang is a wild animal
Stubborn tendencies
Highly spirited
Full of vigor

American Mustang


General riding
Cow horse
Trail horse
Carriage horse

American Mustang Products

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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