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Country of Origin: Finland


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Also called the Finnish Universal, the Finnhorse is the only horse breed native to Finland. These animals are known & prized for their sheer adaptability due to a unique combination of warmblood & coldblood genetics.


This breed is a descendant of the Northern European domestic horse, which is a combination of warmblood, and heavier draft animal influence. Historically these animals were bred to fulfill all of the needs of locals and were just as handy in trotting races as they were on the farm. While they were originally bred as small drafts, they have changed over the years and are now the fastest coldblooded trotters in the world.

In 1924 breeding was divided into two branches. This was done to keep the lineage of the heavier animals while allowing breeders to concentrate on creating a lighter animal that was more suitable for riding & trotting.

Years later in 1950 the Finnhorse numbers decreased considerably, lack of need for them working the land and the declining popularity of trotting created a lack of demand. In 1971 the riding type was given its own branch of the studbook & today there are four recognized types.

Four Finnhorse Types

  • Trotter
  • Draught
  • Riding horse
  • Pony type


Average height 15 – 17 hands


Because there are so many types physical characteristics will vary considerably.
Generally solid of build

Traditional Colors

chestnut often with flaxen dilution | grey | bay | black | roan | palomino | silver dapple | skewbald pinto


Cooperative & easygoing
Well-mannered & kind


Image from Pitke


Show horse
Light farm work
Riding horse

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Country of Origin: Finland | Colors:
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