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Caspian Horse

Country of Origin: Iran

Caspian Horse

Image from Kerri-Jo


One of the world’s ancient horse bloodlines, the Caspian represents the link between the early Equus and the hot-blooded horses of the deserts and plateaus.

Caspian Horse

Image from Kerri-Jo


An ancient breed that was recently re-discovered, the Caspian was spotted in 1965 in Amol on the shores of the Caspian Sea, where they had roamed for over 3000 years.

There is also evidence of these miniature horse-type ponies in Kermanshah, between Baghdad and Tehran.

Since then research into the origins of this breed indicates that the Caspian bloodline pre-dates the Arabian horse.

Because of their old blood, they have a few confirmational differences that set them apart from all other breeds. Today Caspians are bred in the UK, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.


Average height 10-12 hands
Technically a pony, however retains horse features on a smaller scale
Natural jumping ability
Tough hooves


Short head with vaulted forehead, with fine, thin skin
Long gracefully arched neck
Sloped shoulders resulting in long low stride
Hindquarters are strong and proportionate
High set tail, carried high in action
Mane and tail grow long and luxurious

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | grey | bay


Ideal mount for children
Spirited but kind
Adaptable to harness

Vinnerne Ida _Caspian


Pleasure riding
Show pony
Harness racing and competition

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