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Baluchi Horse

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Baluchi Horse


Easy to identify because of their turned in ears (similar to those of the Marwari horse), the Baluchi horse is native to Pakistan.


Thought to be of Barb descent, this breed is known for its strength, endurance & fine confirmation.

Today the bloodlines have been diluted to the point there are very few of pure lineage, making this an incredibly rare breed.


Average height 14 hands


Medium sized fine head with straight or slightly convex profile
Eyes are large & expressive
Ears are long & curve inwards
Neck is long & muscular
Back is short & strong
Legs are fine & strong with good joints and defined tendons
Feet are very hard & strong

Traditional Colors

black | grey | bay

Baluchi Horse

Image from syngspeed


Pleasure riding horse
Sport horse
Cart horse

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Country of Origin: Pakistan | Colors: , ,
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