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Dosanko Horse

Country of Origin: Japan

Dosanko Horse

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Also called the Hokkaido Horse, the Dosanko horse comes from the Japanese island of Hokkaido. They are a revered breed in Japan and one of the most plentiful ancient Japanese pony breeds.


Descendant from the first horses brought to Hokkaido island by Korean fisherman sometime in the 15th century, and was at some point given an injection of Mongolian blood as well. This is one of Japan’s few native breeds.

The Donsanko evolved over centuries, adapting to harsh winters and tough terrain and is now a stout animal known for their hardy constitution. In 1979 a pedigree book was assembled for the breed


Average height 13 – 13.2 hands
Remarkably strong for their size


Head is plain and clearly of Mongolian influence
Legs are slender & light with silky feathering

Traditional Colors

Most commonly roan, but found in most solid colors


Willing temperament


Farm work in mountainous regions
Military pack animals
Heavy transport
Pleasure mount

Dosanko Horse Products


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