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Abtenauer Horse

Country of Origin: Austria


The Abtenauer is the smallest variation of the Noriker horse & like many of the European draft animals, their population numbers are very low.


These animals come from & are named for the isolated valley of Abtenau, Austria. It is believed that they may have originally come from Greek mounts that were left in the region when no longer needed. Smaller in stature for a draft breed, the Abtenauer is beautifully built with excellent balance, graceful movement & a consistently sweet disposition.

Nature’s Way

Mares & their progeny spend summers roaming alpine meadows to graze. Sometimes foals are born with a very curly coat, which they shed when they loose their baby hair. In the winter they are rounded up & offered protection from the harsh local weather.

Mystery Breed

Finding information about this breed is difficult as there is no official registry (that we can find) to document them. It is unknown how many exist today. However, the lineage of their bloodline is probably incredibly pure as they live in relative geographical isolation & are very rarely (if ever) seen outside the Abtenau valley.


Average height 14.3 – 15 hands
Elegantly built draft horse
Low center of gravity gives them amazing balance
They are born with curly hair, which sheds with baby coat (not shared by other Noriker types)


Strong, well defined head
Strong, sound legs

Traditional Colors

Black | Chestnut | Roan
Leopard spotting is not desirable


Quiet & willing disposition
Undemanding animals


Agriculture work
Pleasure horse

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