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Monterufoli Pony

Country of Origin: Italy

Monterufoli Pony


The Monterufoli Pony comes from the Province of Pisa in Tuscany, Italy and is thought to come from the now extinct Selvina horse which used to live wild in the area.


This area is a hilly region that is protected as a nature reserve which was purchased in 1913 by the Counts of Gherardesca. This family began a rigorous selective breeding program using specimens from the original population and crossing them with Maremma, Tolfeta and Asian animals.


Average height 13.2 – 14 hands


Head is long in contrast with neck
Neck is short & muscular
Back is broad & solid
Legs are strong & muscular
Hooves are compact & tough


Once tamed they are docile & willing


Riding horse
Harness horse

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Country of Origin: Italy |
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