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Ban-ei Horse

Country of Origin: Japan

Ban-ei Horse


The Ban-ei horse is a blend of Percheron, Belgian & Breton blood, specifically bred in Japan for a unique type of horse racing.


Draft racing or ban-ei keiba is a race in which a draft horse pulls a heavy sleigh over hills for a total of 200 meters. The weight of the sled is the handicap, varying based on the age & track record of each animal.

There was once four draft racetracks in Japan, Iwamizawa, Kitami, Obihiro & Asahikawa. Today the Obihiro is the only remaining track & most of the horses are bred nearby in Hokkaido. Racing has been a tradition on Hokkaido since the regain was first inhabited.

Percheron & Brenton stallions are imported every year to contribute & enhance these bloodlines.


14.3 – 16.1


Because of the amount of bloodline mixing there is a great deal of variation in the confirmation of the Ban-ei horses.

Traditional Colors

Solid colors


Strong & docile


Racing horses
Agriculture work


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Country of Origin: Japan | Colors:
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