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Hirzai Horse

Country of Origin: Pakistan



The Hirzai breed originated in Baluchistan, Pakistan during the first Afghan war of 1839 and can all be traced back to a single local mare named Shol and an Arabian Stallion. They are a light riding horse developed by the Department of Agriculture in Pakistan. Offspring of the original two were then crossed with lighter desert breeds.

Currently measures are being taken by the Pakistan government to protect and further this rare horse breed. The majority of the animals that exist today are kept at the royal stables of Khan of Kalat.


Average height 15 hands


Head is handsome with a broad forehead
Neck is muscular & arched
Ears are wide-set
Back is short
Shoulders are well sloped & powerful
Legs lack bone

Traditional Colors

Most commonly grey, but can be any color


Riding horse
Light draft

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Country of Origin: Pakistan | Colors:
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