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National Show Horse

Country of Origin: USA

National Show Horse

Image from Just chaos


The National Show Horse was the brainchild of Gene LaCroix who combined the hardiness & refinement of the Arabian with the flashy action & electric attitude of the American Saddlebred.

National Show Horse

Image from Just chaos


Almost any cross with Arabians tends to be successful, however this cross produces an incredibly handsome animal. The National Show Horse Registry was formed in 1981 (also by LaCroix) and it’s popularity quickly grew. In 1982 LaCroix allowed a period of open registration for crosses & thus formed the fountain for the National Show Horse today. This was only for a short period however, today there is a very specific type.


Average height 15 – 16 hands


Head is small & refined with a straight or slightly concave profile
Neck is long, shapely & set high
Back is short with a level top line
Legs are correct

Traditional Colors

All colors


Intelligent and easy to work with
Spirited & proud


Show horse
Riding horse

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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