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Misaki Pony

Country of Origin: Japan

Misaki Pony

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The Misaki Pony comes from the Mayazaki Province in Japan where they still run wild in Cape Toi meadow.

Misaki Pony

Image from GaijinGuide


All of the pony breeds native to Japan are thought to have come from China around 2,000 years ago. Since their introduction to the Japanese islands several different breeds have evolved based on needs of local people and the native climate.

The Cape Toi ranch was established in 1697 to raise horses for military & agricultural purposes. Late in the 19th century the ranch was nationalized and sold to a local union as a common ranch. These animals live with very little human interference and still possess the physical characteristics of their Mongolian ancestors.

As with many Japanese breeds, the second World War almost obliterated their numbers, but today there is a thriving herd that has been designated a National Monument of Japan due to their ancient bloodlines.


Average height 13.2 hands

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay | black


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Country of Origin: Japan | Colors: , ,
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