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Adaev Horse

Country of Origin: Kazakhstan

Adaev Horse

Image from stvno


The Adaev (short for Aedaevskaya) comes from the Caspian Depression & is found within the Kazakh type, which dates all the way back to the 5th century B.C.


These ancient origins led to a long relationship with mankind & the Adaev have been bred for a variety of needs. Their stock is old & solid making it a good candidate for enhancing other breeds, including the Jabe (another Kazakh breed).

The Modern Adaev

In the 1980’s the breed was revived due to increased interest in preserving the bloodlines. Breeders gathered thousands of animals in an attempt at preservation. Once numbers had grown, the focus changed to improving breed stock by making it larger & more robust. This led to dilution of the original Kazakh blood with a mix of Don, Thoroughbred & Orlov Trotter blood for refinement.

The resulting animal was lighter in stature, but not nearly as well suited for the harsh environment as other Kazakh horses. No longer a rare breed, the modern Adaev is meticulously managed & meets demand as a producer of milk. However, considering their ancient lineage, a pure Adaev is very rare today.


Average height 13 – 14.1 hands

There are three types of Adaev
1. Massive – The most important type & the most aggressively bred. Well-proportioned with a massive frame.
2. Medium – Smaller, these animals have Don or Trotter influence & are robust riding horses.
3. Light – Specifically saddle horses with easy gaits & noble appearance. Often influenced by Alkal-Teke blood.


Large clean head, often Roman-nosed
High set, medium-length neck
Legs clean with well defined joints

Medium & Light
Light head with long neck
Well-defined withers & straight back

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | cream


Bred to be a working saddle horse
Retains influence of high energy bloodlines

Adaev Horse

Image from flicksta


Herding animals
Riding Horses
Work horses
Meat production
Production of mares milk for koumiss

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