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Datong Horse

Country of Origin: China

Datong Horse


The Datong breed of China dates back something like 4000 years and they are native to the Datong River basin in the northern Qinghai Province. This breed has been known for centuries for its physical connections to the Dragon Horse, a strain with exceptional powers of endurance.


The Dragon Horse appeared under the reign of King Mu and have been immortalized in ancient Chinese art. They were said to have 2 small, bony projections on their forehead that resembled horns. The Datong horse can be born with theses same bony projections, although little faith is put into legends of horned horses these days. Today it is considered a flaw and animals born with them are not bred.

There are two types of Datong horses, heavy & light riding type. The lighter type tends to have a drier head, longer limbs and less hair than it’s heavier counterpart.


Average height 12.2 – 13.3 hands
Coarsely built


Head is heavy with a straight profile
Ears are medium in length
Neck is short & thin
Chest is deep & ribs are well-rounded
Legs are medium in length and quite hairy
Mane & tail are thick & long

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black | appaloosa


Gentle & calm


Agriculture worker
Riding horse

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