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Georgian Grande Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Georgian Grande - trot under saddle


The Georgian Grande is a relatively new breed and one native to North America. Emerging during the 1970’s in response to a need for bringing back the larger, heavier breed of Saddlebreds.


As Saddlebred breeds continued to become more & more refined, the older, more robust type fell out of fashion. By combining the blood of Saddlebred animals with that of draft types Mr. George Wagner created an impressive creature that pays testament to the larger Saddlebreds of days past. Georgian Grande translates to George’s Great Horse.

In 1994 the International Georgian Horse Registry was formed and since then the Georgian has grown in popularity in a variety of equine disciplines.


Average height 14.2 – 17 hands


Head is shapely with a broad forehead & straight or slightly concave profile
Eyes are large & luminous
Ears are expressive and alert
Neck is long, muscular & well arched
Shoulder is deep & sloping
Back is strong & relatively short
Longs are long & strong with large, clean joints
Feet are well built and round
Mane & tail are naturally full

Traditional Colors

All colors


Has a grand presence
Intelligent & alert
Proud but calm


Show horses
Pleasure mounts
Carriage horses

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Where to Buy

International Georgian Grande Horse Registry
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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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