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Czech Warmblood Horse

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Czech Warmblood Horse

Image from Benutzer:Andizo


The Czech Warmblood is an all around animal with a great deal of versatility. They are a popular warmblood and often exported as riding horses to western European countries,


The horses that originally come from the Czech Republic were primarily of warmblood type. These animals were refined with Spanish and Asian bloodlines but most of this breeds refinement comes from English animals.

After the first World War the Czech Warmblood lines were well maintained and largely influenced by Thoroughbred & solid Oldenburg stallions. After the second World War the advent of machines created a marked drop in breed numbers as their use in military & on local farms declined.

Today’s Czech Warmblood is perhaps one of the most widespread breeds in the Czech Republic, well liked for their versatility & athletic qualities.


Average height 16 hands
Aristocratic & robust riding type
Elastic & easy movements


Solid bone structure
Withers are understated
Back is long and broad
Strong, flat hooves
Thick mane & tail

Traditional Colors

bay | chestnut | grey | black | dun | palomino


Good character
Willing and easy to train


Riding horse
Competition horse
Driving horse


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