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Dutch Warmblood Horse

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Dutch Warmblood Horse

Image from Empoor


A quick success story, the Dutch Warmblood or (KWPN) came about from two different breeds blended together for their specific strengths. Now used for all forms of competitive riding and driving, this engineered horse was a total success.

Dutch Warmblood Horse

Image from Saparevo


Created in the Netherlands by a mix of both Groningen and Gelderland Provinces the Dutch Warmblood was bred specifically to be a competition horse.

Utilizing the bloodlines of the Gelderlander, known for a good forehand; and the Groningen, known for being powerful under saddle. Add a dash of Thoroughbred for added courage and stamina and thus emerged the modern day Dutch Warmblood.

Not an old breed, but one that has made itself notable very quickly.


Average height 16 hands
Built like an athlete
Straight, elastic action
Even tempered
Excels at show jumping


Simple, clean head
Light, medium length neck
Well muscled forearms, strong shoulder
Body is deep and well ribbed, long back
Strong hindquarters, well formed hocks

Traditional Colors:



Breeders pay particular attention to temperament. Privately owned stallions are only allowed to stud after passing rigerous testing focusing on confirmation, movement, temperament and close monitoring of progney.

Dutch Warmblood Horse

Image from Empoor


Mainly used as competition horses

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