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Orlov Trotter

Country of Origin: Russia

Orlov Trotter Horse


The Orlov Trotter was developed by Count Orlov after receiving an Arabian stallion from a Turkish admiral.


This stallion was put to a Friesian mare and the result was the flagship stud for the breed, Bars I (born in 1784). Over the years the amount of pure animals & cross breeding fluctuated depending on the market & pure numbers dwindled. In the very late 19th & early 20th century an uncontrolled influx of American Saddlebred caused numbers to drop even further & it became necessary to protect the breed.

There are four types within the breed, each developed in different regions, Dubrovski, Novotomnikov, Khrenov & Perm.

Dubrovski – Smaller in stature with a somewhat more primitive build.

Novotomnikov – Clean build with Arabian-type features.

Khrenov – The most popular & generally considered the standard type.

Perm – The largest & most robust with a coarser carriage horse build.


Average height 15.1 – 17 hands


Head is well proportioned & clean
Neck is long, muscular and often high set
Back is long & flat
Chest is wide and medium in depth
Legs are well set with good (although sometimes coarse) joints

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black

Orlov Trotter Horse

Image from Trescastillos


Racing (trotting)
Riding horse
Light draft

Orlov Trotter Products


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