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Andean Horse

Country of Origin: Peru


A type of Peruvian national horse, the Andean habitat is found above 9,000 feet in the Andes mountains. This great altitude has created an animal with amazing lung capacity & a thick, dense coat of fur.


This breed was developed in the harsh environment of the Andes mountains & is relatively common in Peru. Due to the extreme nature of their environment these small horses have developed amazing balance, strength & stamina.

There are three types of Andean horses, Peruvian Criollo, Andino & Morochuco, all three of which are distinct from the Peruvian Paso (the national horse of Peru). Similar to most South American Criollos, the Andean shows Barb & Andalusian influence – however they are distinctly Tibetan in conformation & nature.


Average height 12 – 13.2 hands
Strong & able climber
Knows instinctively which plants are safe to eat
Resistant to fatigue


Head is heavy & subconvex
Forehead protrudes around the eyes
Neck is short & muscular
Skin is thick & coat is heavy
Pasterns are short & straight
Hooves are small & dark with high heels

Traditional Colors

chestnut & bay


Tough as can be & willing to work
Docile & easy to care for


Pack animal
Riding horse


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