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Mezen Horse

Country of Origin: Russia



The Mezen or Mezenskaya is a draft breed of the northern forest type that is bred in the valleys of the Mezen & Pineg Rivers in the Arkhangelsk region.


The climate in this area is incredibly inhospitable, however this breed has developed amazing ways to deal with the harsh conditions and they continue to thrive. Their bloodlines come from a variety of breeds brought to the area over the years including Estonian, Danish, Holstein, Meklenburg, Finnish as well as trotting breeds. The resulting crosses based on a need for a suitable working horse is how the Mezen breed emerged.

For many years after this breed was bred pure in relative isolation from other breeds, however there was an infusion of Ardennes blood at the end of the 20th century.

There are two types found within the breed a lighter animal with a shorter body and an often dished face & a heavier type which is far less refined in appearance. Both types of the breed are very nearly extinct.


Average height 15 hands


Body is long
Chest is wide
Hooves are hard

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Forest work

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Country of Origin: Russia | Colors: , , ,
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