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Buckskin Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Buckskin Horse


Buckskin can also be called dun, however they are genetically different. They can be very similar in coloration, however the dun dilution gene will always display primitive markings and a dorsal stripe.

Buckskin Horse

Image from Kerri-Jo


Dun coloring is found in many breeds across the world, most of which come from primitive dun types with Asian blood influence. It has long been agreed upon among western cowboys and stock riders that dun animals have superior stamina and stronger hooves than other colored animals.

Dun is a dominant color gene and it differs from buckskin animals which are the result of a creme dilution gene on a bay animal.

Buckskin colors range from very light to very dark bronze with black points.

Dun horses can be tan, red or grullo, and all will always display distinct primitive markings. Brindle is classified as a dun animal.

The American Buckskin Registry Association was established in 1962 and the International Buckskin Registry was founded in 1970, (now the International Buckskin Horse Association). This is a color breed and animals are registered based on coloration and markings.


Average height up to 14.2 – 15 hands


Because these colors can be found on such a wide number of breeds, confirmation and physical characteristics will vary from animal to animal.

Traditional Colors



Known to be strong and true

Buckskin Horse

Image from cyborgsuzy


Can be found in all disciplines of horsemanship

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