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Chumysh Horse

Country of Origin: Russia



The Chumysh horse was developed by peasants near the Chmysh river in the Altai region of Russia. The goal was to improve the small local animals by adding draft & saddle blood. The result of such crossbreeding and then interbreeding of suitable offspring was a valuable agriculture-type horse.


The animals took to working cows and pulling freight quite well and were highly prized for their ability to pull artillery during wartime. Not to mention they were well-suited for the inhospitable landscape of Siberia, mares continued to produce stron foals.

Selective breeding of the Chumysh hasn’t been a priority for the local people and sadly that means their bloodlines have become highly diluted. Along with other breeds found in Siberia, efforts are being made to extract pure blooded animals and protect their lineage.


Average height 15 hands


Head is large usually with a Roman nose
Neck is straight & medium in length
Back is straight & wide
Legs are bony & strong
Hooves are of medium size and very strong

Traditional Colors

Grey | Bay | Black


Intelligent and tough


Light draft
Meat production

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Country of Origin: Russia | Colors: , ,
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