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Groningen Horse

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Groningen Horse


The Gronigan Horse is a heavy Dutch warmblood that has close connections to the Gelderland breed (although it is larger & more robust) like the Gelderland, the Groningan has essentially been absorbed into the Dutch Warmblood registry.

Groningen Horse

Image from ynskjen


This breed came from the northwestern province of Groningen and was created by crossing East Friesian and Oldenburg animals with native stock. The result was an attractive carriage horse with stylish action, great endurance and a charming character.

In 1970 the breed was left with only 1 purebred stallion, but breeding programs using mainly Oldenburg animals have proven successful in preserving characteristics.

Today the Groningan mainly lives on as a basic type in the Dutch Warmblood studbook.


Average height 15.3 – 16.1 hands


Head is long with a straight profile
Neck is medium in length and muscular
Back is long
Hindquarters are powerful & muscular
Chest is wide & deep
Legs are short & strong with good joints
Hooves are well shaped

Traditional Colors

black | bay


Calm, tractable & willing


Pleasure mount
Show horse

Groningen Horse Products

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Country of Origin: Netherlands | Colors: ,
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