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Tuva Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Tuva Horse

Image from Shizhao


The Tuva or Tuvinskaya comes from Tuva which is a large country located in Siberia. The climate in Tuva varies considerably, but horse breeding is practiced in all of it’s districts & the breed is highly adaptable.


Horses have been bred in Tuva since ancient times and were once very small animals. While a few of the smaller type remain today, most of them were developed into a larger type by the addition of Don or Thoroughbred blood. In one region the horses are bred larger still, reminiscent of heavy trotters.

For many years the smaller strains were more popular, but by the start of the 20th century the need for a stronger, more robust animal arose and large private stud farms were established to meet the need. By 1951 a breed standard had been established and they were officially named the Tuva Harness Horse. Sadly by 1957 a decline in demand saw the stud farm closed.


Average height 12.3 – 13.2 hands

Tuva Horse

Image from Shizhao


Riding horse

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Country of Origin: Russia |
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