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Friesian Horse

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Friesian Horse


The Friesian is an animal often noted for their flashy appearance and movement. However they are also tough and willing which makes them as ideal plowing a field as they are in the showring.

Friesian Horse


One of the only surviving indigenous breeds of the Netherlands, the Friesian horse was used as military mounts as far back as 150 A.D. Thought to be the foundation for the “Old English Black” which is an ancestor to both the Shire horse and the Fell Pony.

During the 18th and 19th centuries this animal was restricted to the provinces of Friesland where they were bred mainly as trotters. Their blood also runs through the veins of the Russian Orlov and American trotting horses.


15 hands
Smooth, elegant gaits
Proud in appearance
Flowing mane and tail


Head is noble and carried high on an arched neck
Eyes are bright and intelligent
Back is strong and shoulder is powerful and slanting
Legs are lean, muscular and feathered
feet are well-developed

Traditional Colors:



Honest and willing to work
Intelligent and quick to learn

Friesian Horse


Driving horse
General riding horse
Show horse
Performance animal
Agriculture work

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Country of Origin: Netherlands | Colors:
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