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Kustanai Horse

Country of Origin: Kazakhstan



Also called the Kustanair & the Kustanaiskaya, the Kustanai breed was developed on the steppes of western Kazakhstan.


The breed began in 1887 upon establishment of the Turgai stud was formed and was officially recognized in 1951. There native steppe horses were crossed with Don, Astrakhan, Strelets & half Thoroughbred animals.

In the 1920’s two different systems of management was established to develop two distinct types of the Kustanai breed, a saddle type and a steppe type. The saddle type possesses Thoroughbred blood, while the steppe type encompasses most of the other breed mixes.

The Kustanai of today is a massive breed that skillfully combines the saddle horse characteristics with pronounced steppe lineage.


Average height 15 – 15.2 hands


Head is medium in size
Neck is long, straight and low set
Back is wide & short
Chest is wide & deep
Legs are well set with developed joints
Hooves are hard


Riding horse

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Country of Origin: Kazakhstan |
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