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Yakut Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Yakut Horse


The Yakut Horse comes from northern & central Siberia and they have developed in relative isolation, created by the harsh natural conditions that surround them. In fact, they reside further north than any other breed of equine.


The Yakut Horse has developed under conditions that would kill most horses, deeply cold winters see temperatures as low as 90 below. The reason they have survived this long is that snow fall is not high and they are able to graze year round. Compared to other Mongolian types these animals are larger and more robust.

In such a harsh climate these animals play a big part in the community, not only as a work horse but as an essential means of transportation.

3 Yakut Types

Northern most & original type – called the Middle Kolyma or Verkhoyansk
Southern small type – hasn’t been crossed with improved breeds & the most valuable of the types
Southern large type – generally improved through crossbreeding


Average height 13.2 – 13.3 hands


Head is coarse
Neck is straight
Lack is wide & long
Chest is wide & deep
Legs are short & hard
Hooves are solid
Body hair & mane & tail grow dense & thick

Traditional Colors

grey | bay | dun | roan

Yakut Horse

Image from Unar


Riding horse
Pack animal
Meat production
Milk production

Yakut Horse Products


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