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Vyatka Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Vyatka Horse


The Vyatka or Viatka is a native northern breed that comes from of the Kirov & Perm regions of Udmurtia which is a climate well suited for horse breeding.


Although this is a native breed, they were influenced by the blood of Klepper animals during the 14th century. The breeding was poorly managed and not protected so by the early 20th century they were all but extinct.

Since then, steps have been taken to resurrect the breed as they are thought to be direct descendants of the Tarpan. They carry distinctive primitive marking which becomes diluted after crossing with non-Vyatka animals. Unfortunately there are very few pureblooded animals left today.


Average height 13 – 15 hands


Head is clean
Neck is short, fleshy & often arched
Back is long, broad & sometimes dipped
Legs are short & strong
Hooves are strong

Traditional Colors

roan | dun

Vyatka Horse



Vyatka Horse Products

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Country of Origin: Russia | Colors: ,
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