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Abstang Horse

Country of Origin: USA


Considering the inherent toughness of both the Mustang & the Arabian, it’s surprising that this mix has so recently become popular. An Abstang is a cross that combines two of the most prolific & hardiest types on the planet.


Early in the 1990’s Michele Brown of Utah experimented by crossing an unrefined Mustang with an Arabian. She thought the cross would produce interesting offspring & she wasn’t disappointed. The resulting animals are highly spirited with a willingness to please (providing you can earn their trust).

Making it Official

This cross was called Abstang & a registry for them was established in 1993 to acknowledge the new breed. Registered animals must possess the incredible refined endurance of the Arabian & the stubborn fearless nature of the Mustang.


Generally smaller in size & stature
Mustang features can overshadow Arabian refinement
Very sure footed & hardy


Because this breed mixes two bloodlines (one of which can be fuzzy), physical conformation & characteristics will vary considerably.
Favorable conformation includes a straight profile & rounded croup of the mustang.

Traditional Colors

All colors


Fearless & true
Spirited & tough


Make great endurance horses
Show horses
Pleasure horses

Helpful Information

International Abstang Registry & Association
4614 S. 4300
W.Naper, NE 68755

Where To Buy

Nikia Valley

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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