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Moyle Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Moyle Horse


There are two other breeds on the planet that share the unique physical characteristics of the Moyle Horse, the Datong & the Carthusian. These three breeds often display two hornlike projections on their forehead above their eyes.


The Moyle Horse is named for their breeder the Mormon Rex Moyle of Idaho, although the exact breeds of the animals he used is unknown, except that they were imported to Idaho from overseas. The resulting animals proved to become famous for their endurance & speed for pulling buggies and were often used as pony express mounts.

Around the turn of the 20th century a law was passed in Utah that made it a felony to possess a stallion that was not a registered purebred. Moyle began breeding in the middle of the 19th century but by 1930 he had distinguished or sold off his original bloodlines of this Mormon horse.

There has been a great deal of speculation about this breed because of it’s unique horny growths, a rare deformity that is considered prized among breeders of the other two breeds that possess it. In all probability it stems from the Datong (or dragon horse) of China that was later brought to the Iberian peninsula and introduced to animals there. It’s not hard to imagine how that blood later made its way to the new world and into today’s Moyle breed.


Average height 15 hands
Forehead can have two horny growths (similar to those of a giraffe)


Head is handsome
Back is wide & muscular
Forelegs are positioned far forward
Hindquarters are long & elastic
Feet are large & wide at the heel

Traditional Colors



Well mannered and tough
Loyal & true


Riding horse
Cow horse
Endurance mount

Moyle Horse Products

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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