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Mallorquin Horse

Country of Origin: Spain

Mallorquin Horse


The Mallorquin Horse comes from the Spanish island of Mallorca and their origins are a mystery. There are a number of theories, however none of them have been confirmed. There are some who believe that this is an indigenous species to the Balearic island of Menorca.


Regardless of their origin, their physical isolation has kept their bloodlines purer than most and over time they have become a specific type. Although, in the second half of the 19th century Arabian & trotting Andalusian animals were imported to give the Mallorquin horse more race as trotting was on the rise. The crosses were not carefully maintained and compromised the integrity of the pure bloodlines.

As a result of the cross breeding and the mechanization of agriculture slowly squeezed out the need to breed horses their numbers declined considerably. Luckily a breeders association was formed in 1992 with the intention of preserving and prolonging this lovely animals & their efforts are paying off.

Traditional Colors



Riding horse
Light agriculture
Show horse
Parade horse

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Country of Origin: Spain | Colors:
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