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Konik Horse

Country of Origin: Poland

Konik Horse

Image from GerardM


The Konik horse is a direct descendant from the ancient Tarpan & their name translates to ‘little horse‘.

Konik Horse

Image from Lilly_M


This breed is native to Poland and appeared in the first half of the 18th century. They were used locally until the turn of the 19th century when agricultural needs called for a more robust animal. The Konik was unable to compete with the larger draft breeds of western Europe and their breeding declined.

The breed persevered into the 20th centuries, where both World Wars slowed things down, but a concerted effort was made to preserve the strain. A reserve was founded in 1954 by the Polish Academy of Science to protect the breed and there are several National Stud farms where Konik animals are bred.


Average height 12.3 – 13.3 hands


Body is rectangular & low set
Chest is large & full

Traditional Colors

Generally grullo dun with primitive markings


Good natured & docile

Konik Horse

Image from RoyvanWijk


Children’s mount
Light agriculture
Farm animal

Konik Horse Products


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Country of Origin: Poland | Colors:
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